“I have been married for 27 years. I have tried and tried to make bread during these 27 years. They always turn out like bricks or they would make great door stops. I had a friend who told me about Pantry Secrets. I bought the DVD and attended the last class that they taught at an LDS Relief Society Meeting. I have been making bread ever since then! It always turns out just right. One of my family’s favorite treats is the cinnamon bread. My husband loves to take the mini loaves of bread to work with him, it is just the right size.
I also, tried making pizza and calzones. My family loved it! My youngest son, who is a very picky eater, asks me to make calzones almost every week. We have a had great time experimenting with them. I am looking forward to trying them on the BBQ.
My daughter just recently got married. I was so impressed with the Pantry Secrets products, I gave her “starter” kit even before she became engaged. She is excited to start making her own bread.”

Judy K.

“They have mastered the art of making bread. They developed a quick fool-proof recipe that someone with little time and few cooking skills can use. I was impressed with their presentation because they made it so simple. I was able to go home and try out the recipe not having ever made a loaf of bread before in my life and it worked! Now I am a master at bread making. I’m able to plan ahead and make quick meals that actually taste good for my family. From pizza dough to cinnamon rolls, gourmet breadsticks and wheat bread it has been a blessing to our family.”

Collyn K.

“Before I learned about Pantry Secrets Bread making- I quite honestly had no desire to make bread or have a 1 year supply of wheat. I had tried to make bread in the past and failed. I just considered myself an insufficient baker. Then I went to a Pantry Secrets class. It changed most every thing about how I thought of my skills as a home maker. Now I can make delicious bread quite easily. I now have a full 1 year supply of every thing I would need to make bread. I feel so accomplished! What was once intimidating and scary is now simple and part of my life because of 1 class. Thank you.”

Sarah P

“I’ve been making Pantry Secrets Bread 2-3 times a month for just over a year. During that year I’ve also struggled with a mood disorder that has significantly limited my involvement in outside activities and my accomplishments at home. I almost didn’t make it to the class because of a difficult day. But I’m so glad I did! I had already been making a family bread recipe from time to time before the class, but the taste and texture of the samples shared at the class sold me on Pantry Secrets’ recipe. I was so excited to find out how to make regular use of my home storage supply of whole wheat. I loved the idea of making a healthy and economical staple for my family. My kids and husband raved each time I made bread, pizza, or the dessert braid. I made homemade bread to give as gifts in the neighborhood for Christmas and for my parents’ birthdays. Making bread has been a way for me to feel like I’m accomplishing something worthwhile in a season when so many other goals were out of reach. Making bread always felt do-able, even on difficult days, because of the simplicity of the recipe and the short amount of time needed. It’s probably over-dramatic to say that “Pantry Secrets changed my life!” but Pantry Secrets has enriched my life by helping me feel good about the way I contribute to my family.”

Melanie G.

Pantry Secrets has literally changed my life. I have been trying to save money by making homemade bread for probably the past year, but have been unsuccessful due to the time it was taking to make bread from scratch. When I heard about Pantry Secrets, I immediately picked up a starters kit to try it out. WOW! Homemade bread in just one hour! It really works and it tastes delicious! In the time it took me to make my grandma’s recipe, I was able to make two loaves of bread, 12 calzones, 6 mini loaves of cinnamon bread, and one strawberry cream cheese braid. I couldn’t believe it! My husband loves it because I freeze the calzones and send them for his lunch–something to eat besides peanut butter sandwiches. The Pantry Secrets recipe is one of a kind. No other recipe makes the variety that Pantry Secrets can. I love that I feel like a gourmet baker, even though I’m not. I’ve got the recipe memorized and I’ll be using it for the rest of my life. I love Pantry Secrets!-

Alissa J.

I am a working Mom who teaches school and still manages to serve fresh bread, sweetrolls, and pizza breadsticks for dinner. Who says that Moms can’t do it all? Because of Pantry Secrets recipes and bread classes I have managed to please my family, dazzle my neighbors and give homemade bread gifts throughout my school. I have had more comments and requests for recipes with this dough than any other gifts I have ever given. Thanks for making this at-work Mom have time to prepare the meals she always wanted.-

Ember S.